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Showing is an equestrian discipline which strives to exhibit perfect examples of particular types or breeds of horses and ponies. It encourages attention to detail and pride of presentation.

There are three categories of show classes:  Show Hacks / ponies, Show Hunter horses / ponies and Show Riding horses / ponies.

Show Hacks should epitomise equine beauty, perfect manners and elegance;

Show Hunters should have substance, good bone, and be able to gallop as well as having good looks;

Show Riding horses need not have the elegance of the Hack nor the substance of the Hunter, but none the less should exhibit a good deal of quality.

All these classes require perfect or near perfect conformation, manners, schooling and movement.  Conformation will be judged during the class.

Then there are the Working classes:

Working Hunters / ponies will be required to jump a course of natural looking fences and gallop.

Blemishes will not disqualify, but conformation should be as correct as possible.

Working Riding horses / ponies will have to complete a series of tests. Obedience, attitude, and temperament are very important. Blemishes and conformation as above.

There are lead rein classes for small children but here is a height limit for these. They do a show class and a working class. For children more advanced there are First Ridden show classes, working riding and working hunter classes.

None of the above classes require the pony to canter, but when performing individually, first ponies may canter.

Fancy Dress classes create a bit of light relief and are good entertainment.

In hand classes also take place. In these classes conformation and action are paramount.

Newcomer classes are a learning curve for the novice horses and riders and are very popular. They are of great interest to judges and spectators alike as they showcase our future Champions.

SA Riding Horse  classes are an alternative showing opportunity for all breeds of horses and ponies before entering affiliated classes. They are an ideal stepping stone for novice riders and horses and are run on slightly different lines.

To summarize, Showing provides children, juniors and adults with a good grounding in horsemanship, sportsmanship and a love and appreciation for horses from an early age into adulthood.


We have listed below all that you need to know as a Showing Enthusiast.
Please take your time to familiarise yourself regarding the relevant information.



SASA would like to Congratulate the Western Cape Interprovincial Showing Team on winning the Gold medal at this years Adult Provincial Showing Championships and the Eastern Cape for taking Silver. Well done to all of you and your beautifully turned out and talented horses!!!

Congratulations to Dawn Newman and her super talented horse Kuda Insurance’s Callaho Lincoln for winning the South African Individual Showing Championship 2021.

 SASA would like to thank all the generous sponsors involved in helping make this show the success it was – Headline sponsor  – DRILLCO
Dawn Newman and Kuda Insurance's Callaho Lincoln adorned with ribbons and garland at the Drillco SA Showing Champs held at Mistico Equestrian Center seen here with Linda Kirchmann (G), Larissa Williams (EC) and Greg Goss (G)
Western Cape Interprovincial Showing Team take the Gold for 2021
A beautiful moment - Winner of the Show Hack and Show Riding Classes at the SA Interprovincial Showing Championships - Kuda Insurance'e Callaho Lincoln and owner Dawn Newman

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